The Harp Tablet planning and registering software is an additional module to the HARP harvesting registration software. The Harp Tablet for Planning and registering is made for managing staff hours.

(HARP Harvesting is a module to track harvesting fruits in greenhouses or on the field. It registers worker, product, weight, location to make tracking of fruit production easy, with the goal also of calculating yields.)

With Harp Tablet you plan work activities and register results.

There are 2 versions of the software:

Office that works on the computer for planning and afterwards for evaluation of the data and

Tablet that registers the actual work in the greenhouse and also can be used for planning.

The workers are defined in the program HARP Harvesting, see the Manual HARP Harvesting. HARP Tab software uses the jobs and locations defined in the HARP Harvesting program.

Tomate Rose de Berne

Greenhouse work  planning for the whole year

Planning of all activities, like cleaning, harvesting

Plan per greenhouse compartment the staff needed

Registration in the field by supervisor on rugged tablet

Copy settings for tomorrow or next year

Evaluate the results per  year in a flexible way