HARP for growers

What is your production in kg/m2, how many hours did it take to plant one greenhouse section, which variety gave the highest yield?

Use HARP to find out.

Simple registration of your harvest , with good traceability in the whole chain.

Plan the work for all your greenhouse activities, reuse schedules  next year.

HARP is an affordable system with simple anaysis of your data.

HARP in three modules:

Path registration is the most developed, a module where you can register and identify in a simple way your harves. Use this for tracking and tracing and for calculating the daily and yearly productivity per crop, surface and worker.

Work planning:  this module helps you to plan the work in the greenhouse and select work staff, activities for the coming day or week.

And then evaluate the results and use them for the next season.

Plant protection: this module is still under development.

If you are interested please contact us by email.

Or watch the small French video